FAQ’s for Wedding Ceremonies

When and where can we hold our ceremony?

Your ceremony can be held anytime any place – almost.  Depending on my availability, you may book me any day of the week.  You can host your ceremony in a location of your choice – a private garden, parkland, woodland, a beach or cliff top location – with permission if necessary.  There are countless stunning hotel and HSE approved venues too.  Your choice is almost limitless.

Will our ceremony be a legal service?

At this point, as a Professional Celebrant, I do not solemnise the ceremony and they are not legally recognised under the “Marriage Provisions of Civil Registration Act 2004.”

As you attend your Intent to Marry appointment with the HSE you would request a 2nd return appointment in order to sign the legal register. It is a simple declaration, which can be completed in a matter of minutes.  Let your ceremony be the main event. 

More information can be found HERE.



Can we have a full ceremony?  One with rings, vows and more?

Absolutely!  I am open to all beliefs and my work will reflect and respect your wishes. This is your day to celebrate in your unique way.  You may have already signed the legal register.  You might plan to sign the legal register following your beautiful ceremony.  You may have no wish to legally marry…

This choice is available and unique!  Whichever decision you make, your ceremony will always be the special celebration.  Your day, your way!

Is this the Ceremony for us?

If you wish your ceremony to be completely unique, memorable and evocative then the answer is yes!  It is created with you and just for you.  Your special love story will be the heart of the ceremony.  Everyone has a story to tell… 

“Your wish is to create a unique ceremony that defines your love; one that is heartfelt, memorable and authentic. Whether your ceremony is 
intimate or elaborate, your guests will feel as though they have been part of something truly special…”

FAQ’s for Vow Renwal Ceremonies

Why would we choose a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

There are many reasons why you might say ‘I still do.’  Simply put, these are joyous and romantic celebrations and ways to celebrate a milestone anniversary or to mark the end of a difficult time. It might follow serious illness or the time children have left home. There are countless reasons to re-affirm a deep love, a close understanding and passion!

How do we arrange this?

It might be arranged in secret as a surprise to a spouse or planned in detail together.  It may even be incorporated into a special holiday and involve other friends and family members.  Each ceremony is unique and so too are the planning details.  Love and imagination are key.

Where will the ceremony be?

Choose a place and time to suit you.  It might be at your home, a park or garden, in a woodland, by a lake, on a beach, a lovely restaurant or boutique hotel, a hillside, cliff top – the choices are endless.

What elements do we include?

Ireland is now a first destination choice for weddings and vow renewals.  Those of Irish descent – and those sharing a love of all things Irish are breaking with tradition. 

Again, there are a host of lovely options to include in a Vow Renewal Ceremony and you may decide to dedicate new vows, reaffirming your long-term love and romance.  

As in a wedding ceremony, you may choose to include children and guests and pay tribute to each another with a speech or a heartfelt dedication.  A complete new set of vows becomes a beautiful addition, Claddagh rings are a popular choice and traditional Hand-Fasting ceremonies are also a great way to literally ‘re-tie’ the knot.

What’s not to love?

FAQ’s for Baby Naming Ceremonies

As a Professional and Ethical Celebrant, I don’t just perform wedding ceremonies, I also offer beautiful Baby Naming Ceremonies.

Why would we choose a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Our beliefs are changing and many parents are choosing to celebrate their baby’s arrival in a way that they feel is more appropriate to them; their own values and ethics.

It’s a growing trend especially with the emergence of more non-religious schools throughout Ireland.


How will the ceremony be?

Your ceremony will be more meaningful to you and your family.  This is a rite of passage and your Baby Naming Ceremony will embrace your own ideas, beliefs and wishes.  There are no set rules and you can enhance any ceremony with your own traditions and customs.

Celebrate together with all those who will play an important role in your child’s life and let them enjoy a unique and meaningful introduction to your new bundle of joy.

What elements might we include?

Music!  Let music be the food of love!  Live or recorded music is perfect, especially when chosen by you.  Poetry, pledges and readings are great choices too.  Lovely ways to involve guests are with dedications and a sharing of their hopes and dreams.  You might choose Guardians and Mentors to help guide your child through to adulthood.  Your choices are almost endless.  Colour and imagination can help create a wonderful and meaningful ceremony. 

Together we can create many wonderful ways to welcome your baby.

How do we choose a venue?

Choose a place or environment that suits you best. It might be your home, a garden setting, a function room or village hall – wherever feels comfortable – just right for you.